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How Responding Positivity Can Build Relationships

When a friend tells you how excited they are to discover a new series they are watching, how do you respond? Many of us would respond with the name of the series we are enjoying. This is a missed opportunity to connect deeper with a friend or co-worker. When someone shares a positive experience or piece of information, responding with enthusiasm and interest is called Active Constructive Responding (ACR). Asking questions to recreate a positive and joyful experience can boost well-being, as well as build a relationship. ACR conveys care, understanding, validation, and support for what another person is saying. Get curious when your friend or co-worker shares good news. Celebrate your friend’s information. Ask clarifying questions. For example, when your co-worker tells you about their favorite new series, you could say: “I am happy you found a show you enjoy so much!" "What is it about the story or characters in the series that is appealing to you?” Notice the positive reactions of others when you dive deep into their good news using ACR. Notice the deeper connections you are building.


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