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Challenging Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs can hold us back from getting what we want. What is a limiting belief? A statement we think about the world, ourselves, or a situation to be true - and upon closer inspection is not. A limiting belief for many is: “I cannot be an effective public speaker”.

Challenging our limiting beliefs is an effective tool. Try asking the following questions: Is the statement true? What is the proof? What are the costs of holding onto the belief? What’s a new or different perspective?

Challenging the thought above could look like: “There is no proof that I cannot become a good public speaker and having this belief holds me back from sharing my expertise with others”. A new belief could be: “I can be an effective public speaker if I practice and ask for feedback”. Taking time to refashion our limiting beliefs can be transformational.

Challenging, then adopting new beliefs creates a pathway for us to achieve our personal and professional goals.

What limiting beliefs can you challenge?

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