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Everyone wins from coaching!

When I tell people I am a life and leadership coach, they often assume I only coach C suite professionals. No! I coach individuals at all levels of an organization. Why? Coaching supports all employees in their job and personal life, which breeds more workplace satisfaction and productivity. When employees feel stuck, anxious, overwhelmed or other negative emotions - they are less motivated and focused in their jobs. Coaching creates a safe space for individuals to reflect, understand themselves and their challenges at a deeper level. That helps them move toward greater effectiveness in their job and life. Coaches ask powerful questions and make observations to guide this process. Employees who are coached gain confidence and energy, experience less frustration, irritation and other negative emotions. Research shows that when people are happier and more satisfied, those around them shift to more positive mindsets, too. Coaching helps create a more positive and healthy work culture. Investing in coaching is a small price to pay and yields great returns!


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