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Connecting Through Deep Listening

When talking to another person our minds often think about other things, such as our “to-do” list, or a response. If our mind is not focused solely on what another is saying, we are losing out on a deeper connection. And, the person we are talking to can often sense the disconnect. Deep listening takes practice – the benefits are worth the effort. Deep listening cultivates more rewarding connections to others, creates space to absorb what is said, builds trust, and allows one to engage without assumptions. Further, we discover more out of conversations. Try noticing when your mind wanders while talking to other. Then, try fully absorbing yourself in a conversation from a receptive and caring place – be empathetic, open, supportive, and trusting regardless of what is said. Do not interrupt. When your mind wanders (and it will), bring your thoughts back into the conversation without self judgement. Notice how you feel more connected to the person you conversed with after practicing this mindful and active communication – and that person will feel a deeper connected to you too.


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