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Building a Positive Mindset

I am proud to have presented at the B.PHL Innovation Fest today. I spoke about tools to help build a more positive mindset – to strengthen mental fitness. When we have a positive mindset, we have more energy, are more productive, creative, happier and more content. Building positivity takes practice and hard work since our brains are wired to focus on the negative. One tool I suggested if feeling negativity (eg. anger, frustration or stress), is to find something in your immediate environment that brings a smile to your face – like a picture of your loved ones on your phone. Then, spend 10 seconds focusing all of your attention on that positive thing. Notice how you feel after the 10 seconds. I have found when people engage in this exercise they feel calmer, happier and less anxious. Try it out!

As a certified coach with a masters in applied positive psychology, I can help you reach your personal and professional goals! Message me for a complimentary coaching session. #YouMatter#coaching


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