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30-Second Meditation

My Coaching clients often tell me they look forward to the meditation I lead at the beginning of our coaching sessions. The meditation creates a break or space in their day to notice what is happening in their mind, and shed anxiety, frustration and other negative emotions.

Research suggests that meditating for as little as thirty seconds can help us feel less stressed and calmer. When we feel less negativity, we are more focused and productive.

To meditate, close your eyes or gaze softly at a spot in front of you. Then, focus your attention on your breath. Notice how your body is feeling. Channel your breath to where you are feeling stressed in your body to help soften any tension. For example, breath into your shoulders - feel them drop a tad when you breath out. Repeat. Helping our body soften with breath, helps our mind let go.

Engaging in a short meditation before a difficult conversation or an important presentation will improve performance and ease butterflies. Meditating for a minimum of thirty seconds can make a significant different in the quality of an interaction or experience.


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